24 Hour Towing

Loxely, AL

Ced's Towing & Services is here to help the residents of Loxley, AL. Ced's Towing & Services can make sure that your car is working properly in no time. If we are not able to fix it, then we will get it taken to a place where it can be fixed. We are the local towing experts and we will make sure that you get off the side of the road as quickly as possible.

Ced's Towing & Services is here to make sure that you get the services that you are looking for. If you are looking for local towing companies, then we are the best in the area. Ced's Towing & Services has years of experience and you can be sure that we will know what to do in any situation and handle the situation. If you car fails to turn on, then we are the number one towing company to get a jump start from. We are experts when it comes to dealing with battery issues. In terms of local towing companies, we are the best. Ced's Towing & Services is second to none.

Ced's Towing & Services can help you with tire chains, fuel and tire changes. If you run out of gas we are here to help you. Instead of taking it upon yourself to walk to the nearest gas station we can bring you gas as you wait in the safety of your car. Once we get there we will make sure that your car turns on as it should. Rest assured that we will be able to help you get your car started again. Contact us with all your emergency roadside assistance needs. We look forward to helping you in the future if you ever need to give us a call.